Evelyn Serbout 

Evelyn Serbout, Founder/CEO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello, my name is Evelyn Serbout. Happily married to my husband Abdallah from Morocco. Together, we have 3 lovely children. I am the Founder/CEO of Outreach Program Canada (OPC). I am originally from the Philippines. I have been fortunate to have lived most of my adult life in different countries, and today, I am immensely proud to call myself Filipino-Canadian. My parents were post World War II generation, the era when only the privileged get access to education. Life was hard and difficult growing up from a big family with 10 siblings. It was a daily survival way of living. The adversities I experienced became my motivation to fuel my hopes and dreams. I worked smarter after graduating high school, got myself a job and became a self-supporting student while studying Business Administration. Growing from a big, poor family brings prosperity as well. Our parents taught us values that helped mould me to be the humble and kind person that I am today. Sharing the last piece of bread between siblings taught me the value of giving. As the middle child, taking care of my younger brothers and supporting my eldest sisters were, unknowingly, my training ground to the kind of person I am today. I did not know then, but I know it now, that to be successful, one must be a good follower before becoming a good leader. My parents were very articulate on the importance of education. I knew right there and then that education will be the only way for us to rise from poverty. As such, I am a proud administrative professional! Business Administration, Human Resources Management and Project Management are few of my educational attainment. I was a government employee for 22 years. I am now a proud retired at 55. In this organization, I am advocating two things that are extremely important to me: education and giving back. I know how children feels when they go to school hungry; I know how it feels to surge from nothing to something; I know how it feels to have empty hands turned into loving, helping hands. I am blessed to be surrounded by generous, humble, and committed group of individuals. They say I inspire them, but the truth is they inspire me. I am super proud of my OPC team and the works we do.