Hadeel Yousif 

Hadeel Yousif, Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Hadeel Yousif. I am originally from Sudan. I am the Secretary of Outreach Program Canada (OPC). I am a practical nurse by profession. I am also a full-time mother. Also, I am the Founder and CEO of "Nurse To Be 24/7", where we help nurses and student nurses to practice their skills while running a project called “Rebuilding and Fixing Schools and hospitals in Sudan”. I am the Director of "Seniors Never Alone INC". Being around our seniors is my passion and believes this age needs us the most. I am an honourable member of the “kandaka Club” in Sudan where we help women reach their dream goals. Being part of the “Outreach Program Canada” is one of the best organizations I volunteer with and is also my way of giving back to the beautiful community I live in, Calgary. Outreach Program Canada also helps underprivilege children outside of Canada.