Shariefa Sayed Ahmed 

Shariefa SayedAhmed, Vice President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello, my name is Shariefa SayedAhmed, a born and raised Calgarian. I am the Vice-President of Outreach Program Canada (OPC). Throughout my life and career giving back is part of what defines me, from volunteering with my children’s competitive swim club to leading the community donations committee at my current employment. My other experiences in volunteerism include places like The Ronald McDonald House, the Calgary Rehabilitation and Drop-In Center and Brown Bagging for Calgary’s kids. When the opportunity was presented by OPC founder, Evelyn Serbout, to join as a board member I excitedly agreed. OPC supports a very near and dear cause for me, education! Every child has a right to get a proper education in-spite of poor living conditions. In addition to this over-arching goal, promoting volunteerism, giving back, and community involvement are so important to me and if I can positively impact just one child, to me, is an accomplishment. Nothing gives a more sense of satisfaction than giving back! I cannot wait to see how much more can be accomplished by the collaborative spirit of OPC team.